Affordable Insurance and Safe Drivers: How to Maximize Savings

Being considered a safe driver is one of the best ways to save on car insurance. With a clean driving record and no age-related risks, safe drivers are an easy investment for insurance companies, as the likelihood of them getting into costly accidents is lower than it is for other driver types. This doesn’t mean that drivers in this group should automatically give up on finding less expensive insurance, however -- there is always the possibility of saving more money on insurance, and no one should give up that opportunity.

Safe drivers looking to save more on their insurance have several ways to go about doing so, whether it's related to their vehicle, their shopping process, or how often they drive. To start, consider discounts:

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Discounts for Safe Drivers

When looking for a new policy, or even when you’re reevaluating your current one, always look at the discounts that are available. Over time, these can add up to huge savings. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Safe driver discounts: This one is a no-brainer for anyone already considered a safe driver, but make sure to ask your provider if you aren’t already taking advantage of this type of discount.
  • Safe vehicle discounts: If your car is a newer car or has a lot of safety features installed, you are likely eligible for vehicle-related discounts.
  • Work-related discounts: Certain jobs can lead to discounts. Though not limited to these professions, drivers who have worked in the military, in healthcare, or in schools in particular should look into related discounts.

If you can use even just a few discounts, you can save significantly. Always ask your insurer about any discounts they offer so you can make sure you’re getting the savings you deserve.

More Ways to Save As a Safe Driver

Aside from discounts, safe drivers have several options when it comes to lowering insurance costs. Here are just a few to consider:

Shop around: Any type of driver will benefit from shopping around for their insurance. The worst thing you can do is settle, whether it’s with a carrier you’ve been with for years or for the first quote you come across that seems reasonable. Even if you feel satisfied with your current policy, you should make it a habit to compare quotes from different policies at least once a year. By using a site like ours to make this comparison process easy, you will likely find yourself paying lower prices than you ever imagined you could.

Try telematics: If you’re already considered a safe driver, a step you might consider taking is telematics-based insurance. Some carriers are willing to install tracking software into your car to track your driving habits directly, down to how often you speed or how suddenly you break. If your driving is up to par, this can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Consider your car: If you are currently driving an old car, it might be time to consider whether purchasing a newer one is more beneficial in the long run. While a new car purchase means more money upfront, insurers tend to charge lower rates to cover new cars because safer vehicles correlate to a lowered risk of accidents. On the other hand, a new car means a new car payment and might also mean a more robust insurance package as a whole -- many drivers with new cars purchase choose more expensive insurance policies to further protect their new purchase. Whether a new vehicle is the right choice is up to you, but it’s always something to keep in mind when weighing the costs of driving.

Although safe drivers already enjoy lower rates than other driver types, that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying too much. To ensure that you are paying the lowest prices that you possibly can, you can use our quote comparison system to quickly find the best rates available to you at any time. Even if the savings look small at first, making a habit of shopping around and taking advantage of as many discounts as possible can lead to thousands of dollars in savings in the years to come.

Safe drivers can save up to 40%* and sometimes even more. Enter your zip code to compare the best quotes from companies with the lowest rates for safe drivers. Start now!