Save on Car Insurance with Driver-Based Discounts:

Even if you manage to get a low rate on car insurance, it’s still worth it to save wherever you can. One way you can easily do this is through discounts. Finding discounts can take a little bit of extra sleuthing on your part, as not all carriers will tell you your options directly, but the amount of money you save will really add up. The types of discounts available vary significantly, and most drivers will be able to find something that applies.

Carriers typically have several discounts that are based on the driver -- discounts that relate to your demographics, your driving record, your job, or even the way you choose to pay for your insurance. Just by being a certain age, you could save significantly.

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Demographics Discounts

  • Age-based discounts: If you are a senior citizen, some carriers will give you up to 35% off.
  • Student discounts: College students could save up to 20%.
  • Homeowner discounts: If you are a homeowner, you could save up to 25%.

Work-Related Discounts

  • Military discounts: If you are or have been a member of the military, you could save up to 15%. If you are actively deployed, this number could go up to 90%.
  • Job affiliation discounts: Certain companies, unions, or jobs could get you up to 25% off.

Driving Habits Discounts

  • Safe driver discounts: Maintaining a clean driving record can earn you a safe driver discount, which is typically 20% to 40% off.
  • Defensive driving discounts: Taking a defensive driving course can be worth up to 10% off.
  • Low mileage discounts: If you rarely drive (7,500 miles or less per year), you may be eligible for pay-per-mile discounted insurance or a low-use discount for up to 5% off.

Payment Discounts

  • Paperless billing discounts: If you opt to go paperless with your billing, you could get up to 2% off.
  • Autopay discounts: If you set your insurance bills to autopay, you could save up to 5%.
  • Upfront payment discounts: If you pay your insurance upfront rather than in monthly increments, you could save up to 10%.
  • Bundling discounts: Carriers often offer bundling options with different types of car insurance, such as auto and home. If you purchase multiple insurance types from one insurer, you could save up to 20%.

Driver-based discounts can make a huge difference on your insurance bill. Before choosing your insurer, researching exactly what discounts each option has is a crucial step towards major savings. While you may not be able to utilize every discount available, most drivers will find at least a few that are applicable.

You may be eligible for more driver-based discounts than you think. Compare the best quotes from top companies. Save today by entering your zip code now!